Exorcist Validation:

If you need an exorcism service, get in touch with a priest from your parish or use the contact form on this site. In the Czech Republic and Slovakia there are many swindlers purporting to be exorcists. And many people have suffered because of believing them, even though these
self-professed exorcists had nothing in common with the Church. 

We realize that in reality it may take you time to meet a Catholic exorcist, but we strongly do not recommend searching for and visiting non-Catholic "exorcists". You will only get worse, although initially there may be some relief, but this is just an illusion by the evil spirit and a way to make you even more receptive to its power. And you will also have spent a lot of money. 
Remember that it´s the Catholic Church who expels the evil spirit, through her servant, the exorcist, by the name of Jesus Christ. Not by the name of some personality or a different deity.

Does any person (religious, charismatic leader, healer) claim to be an exorcist of the Catholic Church, and you are not sure? Do you have any doubts and want to be clear about it? Write to us, we are willing to verify your information. Remember that exorcism can always be performed only by a Catholic priest appointed by the bishop.

This service is always completely free! The contact form can be found here: www.exorcismus.cz

Many of you have written to us about your negative experiences with the following "exorcists"

Milan Doležal - declares to have studied exorcism at the Vatican and being a Catholic

exorcist. Only a priest assigned by the bishop can be an exorcist in the Catholic Church.

Which Mr. Dolezal is clearly not.

Jaroslav Drábek - soul hunter and guide. Neither he is a Catholic exorcist.

Josef Adam - with his Facebook pages. Although he presents himself as a Catholic priest

(not only by his clothing) he is nothing of the kind. He offers expensive "exorcism" oracles

and the like. He is not an exorcist.

We strongly suggest that you do not cooperate with these people!