Home Blessing

Do special things happen in your house? Do your small children see people they do not know? Is there a spontaneous movement of things or other unnatural phenomena?

Do you wish God;s blessing for your home? The blessing of a flat or house by a Catholic priest is completely free.

The Church blesses things or places that are related to human wanderings or liturgical life, but she always has the people on the mind - who use these things and live in these places. She cares for man, for whom God has wanted all and created all goodness, and who is the recipient of
God´s gifts. The ritual of blessing is to lead him to use the created things well and seek and love God and serve Him faithfully. It is necessary to know that the priest blesses on behalf of Jesus Christ. And our God is a gentleman. He does not want to break into the human heart by force, but is waiting to be invited there. He does not take away our freedom. So it is not possible to play
a double game, invite a Catholic priest to perform a ceremony or ritual and only wait for peace to come by itself. You need to go deeper, and get rid of the evil materially as well as in the depths of your own heart, to stop it separating us from God. The evil can be represented by sculptures, books, objects associated with esoterics, reiki, yoga exercises, but also by disturbed interpersonal relationships. If you are affected by these or similar things, you must first give up all evil and ask God for healing. Gods ways are unpredictable. By making special things happen around you, God can call you closer to Him. A priest´s visit is definitely a good opportunity to learn more about God and to try to discuss one´s life with the priest. Keep your heart open and do not worry. The evil spirit has been overcome and Christ will always be removing evil spirits.
The blessing of the house by the Catholic priest is free of charge. No need to prepare anything. The priest shall sprinkle the house with holy water. If the problems persist, you can invite him again. If your situation doesn´t improve, please contact us at www.exorcismus.cz

We will gladly arrange the sanctification of your home. In order to contact the priest who performs this service, please fill out the form bellow.