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The Catholic Church has an interest in truthfully and factually informing about the free service of exorcism prayer. At the same time, she protects the rights of the people being afflicted, especially their right to a good reputation according to the can. 220 CIC. According to the rules in the Ritual, no recording of the procedure is permitted. We offer the creation of articles and interviews, or the provision of information from exorcists, psychiatrists and psychologists. The Catholic Church has been exorcising for 2000 years according to the pattern and wishes of its founder Jesus Christ. The prayer of exorcism has its own fixed rules. These concern not only the selection of a suitable priest, appointed in writing by the Father Bishop for this service, but also his assistants and the whole course of the prayer. The Church has always collaborated with scientific experts. In cases of exorcism, she turns to psychologists and psychiatrists. If necessary, also to a doctor. The prayer always involves the person asking the exorcist and signing informed consent.

We are aware that today's society is always on the lookout for sensational events and the journalists are only too willing to provide the public with such stuff. But our primary goal is to serve the people in need. This service can be done better outside all media outbursts. News coverage of exorcism leads directly to crowds of other people wanting it too. That is why, in some dioceses, the exorcists are being kept secret. The afflicted person will get to them through
a request submitted to the relevant bishopric or through these pages.

How to talk about the mystery of evil to the contemporary non-believers? 
We receive many requests for interviews, reports. Unfortunately, we were oftentimes deceived by the creators of these programs. On several occasions have we participated in shows, in which various satanists, cheaters, and parapsychologists were promoted. We don´t think it appropriate to act as an opponent in a program which is in fact occultic. We would like to inform about the prayer of exorcism and the gift of liberation brought by Jesus Christ on condition that the information be presented in accordance with the purpose for which exorcism is performed.

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